The extra mile. Is it worth it?

Just a little visualization of the difference between a Bachelors and Masters education in certain fields (provided by Masters Degrees Online). A little something to ponder… (check out the link at the bottom for more).

Is a Masters Degree Worth It? - Masters Degree Online

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Mikki Hebl at TEDxRiceU

Click here for a link out to: Modern Discrimination: Subtle but Significant: Mikki Hebl at TEDxRiceU – YouTube.

Represent! This is one of our brilliant professors at Rice University discussing research in her field. Mikki is a fantastic teacher and mentor, and I have been lucky enough to take one of her courses on Professional Issues during my time here at Rice.

Give it a listen – she always has something interesting (and usually very profound) to say!



Technique to make tissue transparent offers three-dimensional view of neural networks.”

Click here for a link out to the article on Nature News’ website..

First Micro-Structure Atlas of the Human Brain Completed

“A European team of scientists have built the first atlas of white-matter microstructure in the human brain. The project’s final results have the potential to change the face of neuroscience and medicine over the coming decade.”

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Sensory Neurons Identified as Critical to Sense of Touch

While studying the sense of touch, scientists at Duke Medicine have pinpointed specific neurons that appear to regulate perception.

The sensory neurons are characterized by thin spikes, and based on their volume, these protrusions determine the cells’ sensitivity to force.”

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fMRI 2.0

A good article on the rise of fMRI, the questions surrounding the methodology and its assumptions, and current/future directions and alternatives for neuroimaging.

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Brain imaging: fMRI 2.0 : Nature News & Comment.

Helping paralyzed patients communicate with fMRI


BBC News – “New brain scanner helps paralysed people spell words.”

This is definitely remarkable, and some good support for neuroimaging in the midst of all this non-replication business. Let’s just hope they’re translating correctly! ;)

Click here for a link out to the article about the study. 

Postgraduate options: Academia misses the mark : Naturejobs

Interesting article about the importance of considering job options outside of the Ivory Tower if you’re a science-based grad student.

PosterGenius. Yes, please.

Create your scientific poster in less than 10 minutes with PosterGenius – YouTube.

I am incredibly excited about trying this out. And if you’re reading this blog…you probably will be, too. Unless you’ve tried the product out already, and it’s no good…in that case, feedback is appreciated. ;) Click the link above for a demo.


Neuroscience explains the ‘brain freeze’

Cool article about some recent research done by the folks at the Department of Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System, and how it can help out with future studies of headaches.

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Neuroscience explains the ‘brain freeze’ |