Mikki Hebl at TEDxRiceU

Click here for a link out to: Modern Discrimination: Subtle but Significant: Mikki Hebl at TEDxRiceU – YouTube.

Represent! This is one of our brilliant professors at Rice University discussing research in her field. Mikki is a fantastic teacher and mentor, and I have been lucky enough to take one of her courses on Professional Issues during my time here at Rice.

Give it a listen – she always has something interesting (and usually very profound) to say!


Sensory Neurons Identified as Critical to Sense of Touch

While studying the sense of touch, scientists at Duke Medicine have pinpointed specific neurons that appear to regulate perception.

The sensory neurons are characterized by thin spikes, and based on their volume, these protrusions determine the cells’ sensitivity to force.”

Click here for link out to full article on Neuroscience News.