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My intent for this site is not only to feature my endeavors and accomplishments in cognitive neuroscience research, but also to share a little bit of my world with others.

Now, I’m not biased or anything, but visual perception research can teach us a lot about how our visual system works, especially with illusions like this one from yours truly (and yours truly’s advisor), which recently won 3rd place at the Neural Correlate Society’s Annual Illusion of the Year Contest:

Explaining the illusion: “When we look at two pictures that are physically the same, they usually look the same. When they are different, they look different. Our illusions show the opposite: two images that are different but look the same – those are called “metamers”; – and two images that are identical but look different – we call those “anti-metamers.” Our main illusion mixes the two: it shows three images, two of which match with a third one mismatching. Viewers see one image as odd, but it’s one of the two identical images they see as different, an illusion we call “false pop out.” 
– Kimberley Orsten & James Pomerantz


Much as I do every day in my studies, I hope that here you will find something small, at the least, that brings a little bit of wonder to your day.

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